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Enjoy Explore India conducted fun cultural learning workshops using DIY kits designed by Indian folk artists. We partnered with Sangita Datta, Financial Advisor, to develop a series of fun workshops to engage her clients in a way that would connect them with their cultural roots. We conducted wood block printing, painting, doll making workshops. Folk arts like the Worli, Madhubani, Phad, Chittara, Patua, Pithora, and many others sparked exciting conversations about the history and unique art traditions from different Indian states.

All Ages

Available Online and In person

Offered as 1-hour workshop or 2-hour events

Customized to meet your business and client interests

"The workshops were fun and interactive. It was a unique way for me to connect with my clients and build relationships while supporting folk artists in India." - Sangita Datta, Financial Advisor, NY Life
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