Rangeelo Rajasthan

Be awed by the grand palaces and forts, the stepwells, and homes built by the people of Rajasthan; enjoy seeing a display unique arts and crafts used to decorate homes. Listen to spell-binding folk songs, learn the Ghoomar dance, wear colorful traditional clothes, and make a bookmark with images of Rajasthan as a keepsake. Learn to tie a turban Rajasthani style! Enjoy the hospitality that Rajasthanis are well known for as you enjoy workshop activities. The grand and colourful display of arts and crafts, bandhani and leheriya fabrics, wall hangings, and more will take your breath away!

All Ages / Family Style

Available Online and In person.

Offered as a 1-hour Workshop or a 2-hour Event

"What a great program! You know your material quite well - I enjoyed your talk going around the display boards, Loved that we all had the opportunity to dress and dance." - Paricipant, Cedar Grove Public Library
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